Our People

Robert Brandt – President
NMLS# 946282

Bob has worked at Countryside Bank since 1976, and has been President of the Bank since 1989. Bob’s grandfather George, and dad Bill, preceded him as president of the Bank. Bob is chairman of the Board and Loan Committee. Robert is usually at the Unadilla location. He is responsible for the overall operation of the Bank. He also manages 50% of the business and farm loans. Bob is a member of the Unadilla Area Foundation and an Ambassador for ‘ReTree Nebraska.”

Bruce Hassler – Vice President & Cashier
NMLS# 716619

Bruce has worked at the Bank since 1989. Bruce is located at the main Bank in Unadilla. He is mainly in charge of payroll and operations as well as consumer loans and certificates of deposits. Bruce also specializes in tax returns for Countryside Agency with over 20 years experience. Bruce’s wife, Karen, operates a business in downtown Syracuse. Bruce and Karen have two children, Joseph and Hannah.

Dave Hall – Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
NMLS# 716617

Dave has been employed with Countryside Bank since 2001 and has over 25 years of banking experience. Dave is the Sr. Ag lender, assists with business loans, and specializes in personal, farm, and crop insurance. Dave is also responsible for policies, procedures, and Bond accounting. David is vice president of district OR-1 Foundation for Knowledge and member of Palmyra Rural Fire Department since July of 1981. Dave and his wife Becky live in the Palmyra area with their children Daniel, Thomas, and Amanda.

John Stilwell – Vice President & Secretary

John has been working for the Bank since 1963 at the Burr location. John is responsible for commercial, and personal loans and all operations at the Burr location. John also specializes in tax returns with over 45 years of experience. John was instrumental in obtaining state financing for paving the ‘Spur to Burr” (HWY 66E). John’s wife, Gera, is a teacher for district OR-1 in Bennet.

Mark Czapla – Syracuse Branch Manager
NMLS# 716616

Mark has worked for the Bank since 1987 and since 11-25-1996 has been Branch Manager of the Syracuse location. He is responsible for all functions of the branch. Mark is the compliance officer in addition to consumer and mortgage loan officer. Mark specializes in personal tax preparation for Countryside Agency. Mark has helped with youth baseball and football for over 10 years and was named FBLA Business Person of the year in 2000. Mark assists annually with the State Leadership contests.

Randy Baucke – Tecumseh Loan Production Manager
NMLS# 716615

Randy has been with Countryside Bank since 1995 and has over 30 years of experience in banking. Randy specializes in secondary market home loans and is in charge of the loan production office in Tecumseh. Randy is a lifelong resident of the Elk Creek/Tecumseh area.

Barry Brandt - Insurance Officer
NMLS# 716614

Barry Specializes in home, farm, crop, auto, and commercial insurance for Countryside Agency at the Syracuse location. Barry also does consumer loans, assists in operations, and monitoring the Bank’s ATMs. Barry has helped coach the Syracuse Rockets since 2004. His wife, Carrie, and sons live in the rural Unadilla/Syracuse location.

Nathan Bischoff - Loan Officer
NMLS# 716618

Nathan has been with the Bank since 2004. Nathan does consumer, home, and farm loans. Nathan also sells home, auto, farm, and commercial insurance for Countryside Agency. He is responsible for marketing and the on-line banking system. Nathan has served the Burr Community Club for 3 years and Otoe County Pheasants Forever for 5 years.

Alberta Block - Customer Service Representative

Alberta has over 60 years of banking experience. She works on an as needed basis at the Burr location.

Kristi Buller – Secretary

Kristi began working at the Bank in 1997. Kristi works at the Unadilla location and is in charge of loan audits, filing titles, and UCC & EFS filing. Kristi and her husband, Brad, and 3 children live in rural Syracuse.

Jennifer Gee – Customer Service Representative

Jennifer has been with Countryside Bank since February 2nd, 2004. You will find Jennifer at the Syracuse location. Jennifer is in charge of the in-house check printing. She also opens new accounts and CDs. Jennifer lives in rural Palmyra with her husband, Lance, and son Weston.

Nancy Gerking – Customer Service Representative

Nancy has worked at the Unadilla location since 1972. Nancy is in charge of VISA debit cards for Countryside Bank. Nancy also audits CDs and loans. She is involved with computer operations and works Ag loan processing.

Renee Jensen – Customer Service Representative

Renee works at the Unadilla location. She has been with the Bank since 1999. She assists with daily operations and is also in charge of renting out the Duncan Building for gatherings. Renee lives in Unadilla, with her husband, Jay.

Babette McWilliams – Customer Service Representative

Babette has been working for Countryside Bank in Unadilla since 1979. She audits IRAs and consumer loans. She is involved with the daily operations.

Barb Brandt – Customer Service Representative

Barb has been at the Unadilla location since 1984. She is in charge of processing statements. Barb and Bob have two children, Barry and Betsy. Betsy lives in Beatrice, with her husband, Mike.

Dawn Dettmer – Customer Service Representative

Dawn has been with Countryside Bank since 1996. Dawn is the operations manager at the Syracuse Branch. Dawn is the commercial loan assistant, and processes all accounts payable. She manages and transfers money between correspondent banks with which we do business. Dawn lives in Syracuse with her husband, Bill, and two sons.

Judy Lubben – Customer Service Representative

Judy has worked at the Burr location since 1986. Judy opens accounts, CDs and IRAs. She also assists in balancing the books daily and is responsible for the Branch’s operations. Judy is active in the Burr Community Club.

Lacy Johnson – Customer Service Representative

Lacy began working at Countryside Bank in November of 2007. Lacy works on Saturdays at the Syracuse Branch. Lacy and her husband, Brent, live in rural Nebraska City.

Jennifer Foley – Customer Service Representative

Jennifer began working at the Syracuse Branch on January 18, 2011. Jennifer opens new accounts, processes customers check orders, and assists with all operations, teller and customer service requests. Jennifer lives in Syracuse with husband Chris and daughter Olivia