About Countryside

Our community is important, and we take pride in where we live and work.  Countryside Bank employees and families have deep roots in the community, as do many of our loyal customers.  As new people discover the advantages of small communities and independent banks, we continue to grow and build new customer relationships.  We understand that a vibrant local economy will make all our businesses grow and make our community a better place to live.

Our goal has always been very simple:  treat customers with respect, and provide service in a confidential and professional manner.  The majority of our employees have over 20 years of banking experience.  Our customers appreciate the relationships built dealing with the same dependable people over the years.  We have full service operations in Unadilla, Syracuse, and Burr, NE, plus many of our services can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere.  We have come a long way since 1888.  We appreciate your business, and if you are not already a customer, we invite you to see how a strong, stable, independent, local bank can fit your financial needs.

Here are some FUN FACTS about Countryside Bank

  • Countryside Bank has had six presidents since 1888, they are:  Henry A. Butt (1888-1944), G.B. White (1944-1948), George E. Brandt (1948-1981), William B. Brandt (1981-1989), Robert W. Brandt (1989 - 2017), and our current president David L. Hall (2018-present).
  • Masons were paid $0.05 an hour to erect the bank building in 1908.
  • Due to the Depression in 1933, all employees (all three of them) took a pay cut of 20% per month.  H.A. Butt's salary was reduced to $180 a month from $225 a month.
  • Deposits in the bank in 1944 were $44,000; 1976 $1.5 million and today we stand at over $60 million.
  • The Bank and Duncan Building are on the National Historic Register as is the entire V'ed Main Street of Unadilla.
  • Countryside Bank is instrumental in the Groundhog Day Celebration which is held each year on the first Saturday in February in Unadilla, NE.